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@ Jasma Boyer Matrimony

April, 2019

Matrimonial Website Designed and Maintained by Veenet Technological Services


@ Happy Homes Interiors

Sep, 2020

Webiste for Interior designing & works firm in coimbatore.


@ Banashankari Pipes

Oct, 2020

Webiste for leading pipe manufacturing company in bangalore.


@ Jai Janani and Co

Nov, 2020

Domestic and Exports websites for garments company in tirupur.


@ Retro Coffetea

Nov, 2020

Website for Coffetea shop in coimbatore.


@ Velan Traders

Sep, 2020

Webiste for Pvc & Wooden door, UPVC Windows traders in tirupur.


@ SK Exim Services

Sep, 2020

Webiste for Exim, DGFT service providers in tirupur.


@ Nova Fashion

Sep, 2020

Parallex Webiste for garments in tirupur.


Marketing Service


Veenet is one of the TOP AFFILIATE MARKETING SERVICES COMPANY. It provides services for Merchants wishing to advertise their products/ services online. Our professional Marketing strategies ensure that your business gets all the visibility at the right platforms; whereby amounting to increased lead generation and ROI enhancement. As a Top Affiliate Marketing services company, we behaves as an intermediary between the affiliates and merchants.Because we have a network of both advertisers and publishers, both affiliates as well as merchants get benefit from our services. We recruit profitable affiliates for you or connect you to a retailer, track the traffic through affiliate ads and analyze the data. We pretty much manage the entire program on your behalf, so you can devote time on running your business operations successfully.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important for Business

  We are living in a decade of innovations and changes. Can you imagine a man without a digital device or social media, it is very difficult right and that’s the reason for emerging everything into the digital medium.

  Technology has created a big impact and scope in all our daily life activities as a result it opened door to a whole new era of Business Digital Advertising. Digital Marketing is a modern, advanced, and effective marketing strategy to promote the products, services & brands via one or more forms of online or electronic media.

  The role of Digital Marketing in business is unique & has many advantages such as Cost-effective, More number of business leads & visibility, Builds people’s trust, Track the real time results, Reach wide range of audience etc…

  We are a leading Business Development Service (or) Top Digital Marketing Company in India. we can enable to analyze an organization’s marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what is not working in real-time to perform better than your competitor’s.


We Are



  • We provide services based on your unique selling point to your targeted audiences.
  • We can produce the best business conversion rate for your business.
  • We provide the best technical customer support to our clients.
  • Handling the Digital marketing services through our highly skilled expert groups.
  • We can help you to create your brand loyalty and can reach you to the top in the global market places.
  • We can help you to create and maintain a strong online presence through our Social Media Marketing.

Short FAQ

This FAQ section will helps to overcome your doubts on Digital Marketing and other queries about webservices.

Digital marketing is a bit of a catch-all phrase to cover all the services we offer. There are likely all sorts of definitions, but in our particular case it covers anything based online. This includes:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • conversion rate optimisation
  • Content creation and marketing
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation

All our projects are completely bespoke, so it is difficult to give exact figures. At the moment we work with companies who have budgets ranging from a few hundred pounds per month to a few thousand. Rather than having a minimum amount, we adjust our strategies, volume of work and timescales based on the available budget.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and while there are many detailed explanations, the best one we can think of is “making things appear higher in Google (or any other search engine)”. In our case, we also break SEO into on-site and off-site SEO.

On-site SEO works on things on your own site that will help search engines understand what you do and find all the pages on your site. Off-site SEO is concerned with creating links back to your site in order to help demonstrate relevance and popularity to Google. It is obviously more technical than that, but we reckon these are good summaries.

Contrary to popular belief, ranking first in Google has nothing to do with money! Put simply, you can’t pay to be first. While large marketing budgets help when it comes to SEO, as you can do more, it doesn’t guarantee results. More specialist smaller sites or sites creating great content can often outrank bigger companies.

All the search engines do offer paid advertising models, where you can pay to appear higher in the paid results, but these have no impact on the natural search results.

In a word, yes! However, we generally only act as consultants, as it is much more effective if internal teams are used to speak on behalf of a company. This is because internal teams will be much more familiar with the company, products, tone and customers.

At Veenet, we will happily give training, come up with topics or promotions or find the best social channel for a client to use.

At Veenet we are passionate about what we do, the results we want and the service we give our clients. On occasion, and as long as we have the time free, this means that we may get carried away and overwork for our clients. The great news is that we never charge for this, as we are doing it because we want to!

There are some times where if we are at a critical point of a project we may also transfer time from future months (if required) or contact a client to see if they want to add additional budget. At no time will we be watching the clock and downing tools as soon as the time is up. If we mistakenly underestimate the time required, that is our fault not yours and we will complete the work anyway!